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Do you know who Amber is?

A girl turned up in New York's Times Square two weeks ago saying she doesn't know who she is, or where she came from. She does however react to the name "Amber" and is said to have quoted a passage from Fool's Fate. She also said she has been writing a fantasy story featuring a heroine named Rian "who's been raised by the commander of the guard post on the edge of a fantasy kingdom." Please check the following articles to see if she looks or sounds familiar. If she's been active in the fandom someone might have met her or interacted with her online.

New York Post, New York Magazine, People.com

Please feel free to copy+paste this to other relevant communities/boards!

ETA: She's been identified! :)
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The Dragon Keeper extract + UK book tour dates

The cool folks at Voyager UK have just posted an exclusive extract from the Dragon Keeper at their blog. There's spoilers, obviously. ;)

The UK publication date for TDK is June 25th. Robin is doing a book tour in the UK betweeb July 4th and 12th.The details are still a bit sketchy but some dates and locations have been confirmed - I'm gathering and posting them at thePlenty.net as they come in.

x-posting like a mad serpent, please forgive me. ;)

Also, the cover because it looks like I haven't posted it here either! O_o

Art by Jackie Morris.

RH group at last.fm

Since the topic of "these lyrics remind me of the Fool etc" comes up so often, I started a RH group at last.fm (and there wasn't any before, so that was a good reason too!) For those of us with last.fm accounts this should make it easier to compare musical tastes, find new favourites, discuss lyrics and tag (label) songs. Come join us at:

(And if you don't have a last.fm account and have no idea what it's all about, see the quick tour or ask questions and I'll try to explain.)

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Hobb fanlistings

short introduction to fanlistingsCollapse )
Here are the currently TFL-listed fanlistings related to all things Hobb. If you're interested or even curious, join away to show your support.

Authors & Writers:
Robin Hobb (oh noes! Eddings is leading over a hundred! ;))

Characters Book & Movie:
Burrich (this one seems to be pretty dead so there might not be much point in filling those forms...)
Verity (please note that this is a NEW one)
The Fool (covers all the facets)

Relationships, Book & Movie:
Fitz and the Fool
(someone should start one for Althea/Brashen!)

Farseer trilogy
Assassin's Quest (the owner seems to be a bit confused with the books or something...)
Liveship Traders
Tawny Man

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pic#86448460 CodeGeass-Suzaku

(no subject)

Fitz Character Model Fitz Character Model

I think I got it pretty close to the way he's described in the books. I managed the badgerlock and the scar but not the broken nose. There wasn't a morph for that.

Maybe I should change the sword for an axe.
Fool/Golden Character Model Fool/Golden Character Model

I had a lot of fun with this one. Golden is such an arrogant creature and I think maybe I caught some of that.

I reworked him because the original figure I posted was anime and If I used that one I couldn't do projects that included other characters who weren't anime. I'm not sure he's androgenous enough. In the book he's able to pass for a woman.

pic#86448460 CodeGeass-Suzaku

3D model of the Fool as Golden

The Fool The Fool
I've not posted here for yonks but I've been ill recently and confined to the house so I've been re-reading Ms Hobbs' books and doing some 3D modelling. I hope people like this one. I intend to do one of Fitz in the near future. The Fools costume isn't quite right, it should be far more flamboyant but I don't have a figure like that to fit him. I'll have to make one!



Jaydee here, and I'd like to invite you all to the Fool-Trivia deal thing we're having over at a_fool_too_late. Test your knowledge! Win a prize! Okay, not really. Test your knowledge, anyway. You can also ask to submit new questions, and see if the other members' knowledge of the books is as totally awesome as yours. And of course, much Fool-Drooling all around.
This set of questions expires on Friday the 21st, so get your butts in gear already!

See you there,
Jaydee the Mod.

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Robin Hobb wiki/who's who

Shamelessly spamming your friends list by x-posting this to a_fool_too_late, buckkeep, fitz_is_stupid and hobblings.

I know that during many years, there's been lots of talk about a need for the kind of character list that would link characters together and help people who are looking for quick info like "who was Ekke again" or "how were Wintrow and Althea related". I finally decided to start the project, and chose a "weapon" I hope many are familiar with, the MediaWiki script which is also used at *the* Wikipedia. I'm quite new to the script, only having contributed to one small wiki in the past, so I'm still learning things about it as we speak. However, I wanted to let you all know about it at this point, so I can hear suggestions and improve things towards something that would serve as many needs as possibly. So, without further ado:


I'm a bit paranoid about spammers and other vermin, and having experienced getting hacked through scripts before, I've made registeration necessary for those who want to add and edit articles. It's really easy to register though, you don't need to give any trivial info like your shoe size or subscribe to any newsletters. ;) It's just a username-email address-password procedure. I hope it doesn't discourage anyone from participating. :)
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